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Solar Energy for Singapore.



​It is a fact that a day of sunshine is enough to power the planet. Mankind will fully harness this renewable energy source one day. At Solaron, we strive daily to contribute to this dream. By providing in depth knowledge in Photovoltaics, strong design capability and unyielding support to clients who want to benefit from electrical power straight from the sun  ...



We work closely with clients to meet their exact needs on their Solar Photovoltaic Generator. Be it an independent system which provides power in places without a power point. Or a grid tied system that adds power into the electrical grid, consequently reducing electricity bills. Our solar generators are designed for performance, with maximum solar energy collection. And built for reliability, using solar panels and components that meet stringent international quality standards ...



We have served a variety of clients, from schools to private homes to government boards. Although our clients range in size and needs, our focus is always the same. To provide solar generators that exceed the expectations of each and every client .

We are pleased with the performance of the grid tied system and the close support provided by Solaron Energy Enterprise.


We will recommend their products and services to anyone interested in enjoying the benefits of solar energy generation.


Once an expensive novelty applicable only to space probes, advances in material technology have made solar electric power viable for people back on Earth.

Solar electric generators now offer reliable power in remote locations, clean and renewable energy for cities and independent power for countries.

Solar electric generation also provides investors real financial returns...

Our goal at Solaron is clear. Solar panels for every available roof in Singapore. With each client we serve, we endeavour to help steer Singapore in the direction of clean energy and energy independence. Clean air, plentiful energy. Should we expect anything less?

Yeo Keng Yong, HOD.

Chong Boon Sec. School.

Solar energy company in Singapore. Solar panels in Singapore.

Solaron’s customized products are well thought and thoroughly engineered for user’s needs and performance. They provide good training and after sales service.  We look forward to further product innovations from them.

Ng Wai Hong, Lecturer.

Nanyang Polytechnic.

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