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Solar Energy Resources.

At Solaron we understand the importance of incorporating critical technical knowhow into system designs. Our engineering staff are well equipped through programs and certifications from established Photovoltaic training institutes.  
Solar energy research and resource

School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, 
The University of New South Wales, Australia.

At the forefront of international Photovoltaic research on

improving solar cell efficiencies and manufacturing costs

over a wide spectrum of cell technology.

a) First generation - wafer based silicon cells.

b) Second generation - thin film solar cells.

c) Third generation - devices such as tandem junction

    solar cells with band gap engineering.

Holds the world record for silicon solar cell energy

conversion efficiency of 25%. 

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Solar energy for Singapore

Department of Continuing Education and Training, Singapore Polytechnic. 

Provides practical courses on Photovoltaic System Design and System Maintenance applicable to the Singapore market.  

Administered under the Process Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) national continuing education and training system. 


“The research at UNSW provides our team invaluable insight that we use to build our innovative products. At SP, the ground training equips us with the skills to install these products safely in Singapore. It is rewarding to know our clients benefit immensely, as a result of the time and investment we put into these programs."

Ronald Tay, Principal Solaron Energy

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