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Solar Panels in Singapore.

Solaron's focus
Established in 2009, Solaron has been working to make Solar Electric Power a viable energy source in Singapore.  
Clients can expect cutting edge solar energy solutions and leading services. Investors can expect steady returns as the sun's rays touch their investments.

In solar electric power, sunlight is transformed directly to electricity

when it illuminates a specialized material. Prevalent technology

uses a semiconductor for this

material, through a phenomenon

known as Photovoltaic (PV).

Solar energy from Photovoltaics
Our engineers are appropriately trained and certified to deliver reliable solar electric generators. Expertise is further honed through our solar system test beds, which allow for system evaluations and product testing. Data shared with solar panel and equipment manufacturers lead to improvements in product performance.
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The benefits of harnessing sunlight are impressive. Each kwh of solar electricity generated avoids 500g of CO2 that gas or coal power plants put out. A client using solar electricity uses less utility electricity, realising savings in electricity billing. The capital put down to purchase a solar electric generator is an immediate hedge against rising oil prices and inflation.    
Every client can choose to purchase a solar electric generator through a loan. Part of the dollar value of the energy generated is then used to finance the loan interest. Effectively making the loan interest free.
Meeting client's requirements
Solar energy for Singapore | Clean and renewable energy

“We're ready to assist in your plans to harness the power of the sun. Realize the potential of this renewable energy. 

Contact us. " 

Ronald Tay, Principal Solaron Energy

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